Ally NYC Women's Vertical Stripe Asymetical Blouse

Ally NYC Women's Vertical Stripe Asymetical Blouse


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Product Description:

Vertical striped blouses are a must have for your closet this season! Looking for something out of the ordinary? Want to stand out? Need something new to add to your wardrobe? Look no further than this gorgeous, asymmetrical blouse. This asymmetrical dress white shirt is just what you need to stand out from the crowd. 3/4 sleeves with a stylish slit to the elbow will make this a perfect choice, whether summer or winter. Paired with a cute cardigan in the winter or just some chunky jewelry in the summer, you absolutely cannot go wrong with this amazing statement piece! Flattering and modest boat neckline make this perfect for work but can also be dressed up when going out. The hemline falls at the waist on one side and dips dramatically on the other to create the asymmetrical design. The back hemline falls at the waist; this makes the design in the front more noticeable and doesn’t detract from the daring plunge in the front. Asymmetrical tops are always eye catching and you will stand out! So don’t wait, get your asymmetrical striped dress shirt right now! The asymmetrical bodycon dress comes in white with beautiful dark stripes so it’s perfect to match with anything-whether that’s a pair of slacks, some cute capris, or jeans. Make this shirt your own; it’s a versatile part of any wardrobe! Perfect for gifts-from your mom and sister to peers, colleagues, and close friends-everyone will want one! You must add this to your closet!