Ally NYC Women's Jet set Rayon Pull On Comfort Pants

Ally NYC Women's Jet set Rayon Pull On Comfort Pants


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Product Description

These comfortable pants for women are perfect for holidays and weekends when you are in a relaxed mood. Made from comfortable rayon, these casual dress pants for women will give you a breezy and airy feeling unlike any other pants. In exciting colors, these are THE pants you need for some relaxing time at home!

These casual dress pants for women are available in three different colors, including exciting coral and sea foam, and soothing off white. Grab your favorite color of grab one of each, because these rayon pants are the best there is to give you some much needed comfort and serenity at home. Whether you are turning in early for the night or spending some quality time with your family, these linen women pants are exactly what you have always wanted in your heart.

Available in S, M, L and XL, these high rise wide leg pants will add some elegance and style to your wardrobe even if they are only for your home. You will love to slip into these cheap women’s dress pants the moment you come home from work and not take them off in the morning. With a flat front and straight legs, these comfortable pants come down to your ankles and give you the relief you need at all times. So grab a pair now and you will surely love it – that’s a guarantee!